Update from the Farm

When you’re a farmer, you don’t get sick time. So we’re adjusting our farm to take care of some health issues.

Please understand and be patient with us as we focus on getting Farmer Ellen healthy this growing season.

Just want to let you know that our farm will look a little different this year. Farmer Ellen is going to have surgery in March and will have physical limitations for sometime. Because of this we will NOT be offering the Punch Card Program like previously planned. We are also going to be growing a scaled back version then we had planned. We’ll be growing garlic, potatoes, sweet corn and kale. And don’t worry we’ll have eggs. LOTS of Eggs. All will be available at the Farm Store, FARM SWEET FARM, 1222 Ironwood Road, Harlan. And at area groceries and restaurants.

Available Now!!

Available now at the farm store is Garlic and Eggs! The store is located at:
Farm Sweet Farm
1222 Ironwood Road
Harlan, Iowa
Wednesday 9-5pm
Thursday 9-7 pm
Friday 9-5pm
Saturday 9-Noon


Like our facebook page, PIN OAK PLACE.  If we reach 700 likes by Feb. 1st, we’ll be raffling off a $25 punch card to be used at the farm store for Pin Oak Place items!!

Adopt a Hen Program:

We’re getting a whole new batch of chicks in March. They’ll be producing eggs in August. That means we need to make room for them and need our current hens to find homes!
If you have thought about having a few hens in the backyard, or your children to experience taking care of a pet then this is for you. The hens will be $4 a piece. We have over 100 that need homes but it is first come first served. They’ll be available in September.  Please email us at pinoakplace@gmail.com with Name, number and how many you would like. They are certified organic and will still produce eggs for many years!

Farm Events:

In April, we’ll be having a potato planting party and in August, we’ll continue with our Upick of Sweet Corn! So stay tuned for those details!

Thank you for your support and understanding!