Spring and new beginnings

Spring is here at Pin Oak Place. We could use some more sunshine to warm up the beds and help the seeds along. So far we have 1.25 acres of crops in the ground. It’s a wonderful feeling and as a new mom juggling feeding, diaper changes, naps and farming I’m going to bed feeling accomplished. Thank goodness. This sure beats last year when I was doing the same thing but horribly ill with all that comes of being newly pregnant. I actually feel like with baby I’m a better manager of time.

Our new chicks are growing very fast! I keep counting down the weeks until we get eggs.  We’ll have brown and white eggs. I honestly like dealing with livestock more than I do with veggies but I want my community to experience good tasting veggies too.

In two weeks, hopefully, we’ll have produce available. We’ll be at the Wolhner’s Midweek Farmer’s Market in Midtown. At this point I’m not so sure what will have. I’m hoping Radishes but time will tell.

I hope to do Blog entries every week and give you an update what is going on our little farm, Pin Oak Place.


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