Carrots, Potatoes = happy farmer!

I think the number one reason I love growing root crops is that it’s a surprise when you harvest. You never know what you are going to get! I should’ve harvested the potatoes and carrots weeks ago but I was nervous about the size. It doesn’t hurt to dig see what’s going on underneath the soil. And surprise, beautiful carrots and giant potatoes!

Farmers market and the CSA was a lot of fun this week and very successful! Thanks for coming out and supporting us at that market!

If you are looking for radishes, beets or potatoes please visit our local dirt page and make an order. If you live near Harlan order before Monday evening so we can get your order ready for you, pickup at the farm. If you live near Omaha order before Tuesday and you can pick up at the market! Chefs this is for you too!

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